• September 10, 2021

Top Popes’ Life Quotes

 Top Popes’ Life Quotes


1. Life Is A Mixed Blessing

“Life is not only happiness and games: it is pain, temptation, and failure. And yet in all this it is beautiful if it is supported by love and possesses a hope that transcends the present moment. If we cannot show a picture of life in which even pain, hardship and death are meaningful and belong to a larger whole, then we cannot rehabilitate human existence.
Pope Benedict 16th, From his book – A turning point for Europe?, 2010

2. Life Is A Precious Gift

“Life is a precious gift, but we realise this only when we give it to others.”
Pope Francis,Twitter, 27th March 2015

3. Life should not be denied to anyone

“Life, which is a work of God, should not be denied to anyone, even the tiniest and most defenceless unborn child, and far less to a child with serious disabilities.”
Pope Benedict 16th, Angelus, 4th February 2007

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