Easter Poem: One Solitary Word

 Easter Poem: One Solitary Word


There’s only one sound
I aspire to hear,
one solitary sound,
just one word,
among all the audible words
that fill existence.

Mary at the tomb, Easter Poem, Photo: lds.orgOnly one sound,
harbinger of endless and perfect
love, joy and ecstasy.

Just this one sound
emitted by no one
but You.

I shall be ready
to surrender all
for that one sound,
that one word.

All, Lord, even life itself,
for the utterance of
my first name by You –
in the same way that
in the silent garden,
beside the empty tomb,
on that first Sunday morning,
you called Mary,
your famously faithful follower.

For it was the way
you called her name
she realised it was you ,
the Risen Christ!

RisenAnd when I – oh hope of hopes! –
at the tolling of the bell,
shall hear that one sound,
that one word ,
my first name –
called out by You –
then I shall know
beyond any doubt,
that I have risen too.

Maltese Catechist

Published: April 2019

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