• September 10, 2021

Top Pope Francis’ Drugs Addiction Quotes

 Top Pope Francis’ Drugs Addiction Quotes


1. Every drug addict has a story which must be understood

“Every drug addict has a unique personal story and must be listened to, understood, loved, and, insofar as possible, healed and purified. We cannot stoop to the injustice of categorizing drug addicts as if they were mere objects or broken machines; each person must be valued and appreciated in his or her dignity in order to enable them to be healed. The dignity of the person is what we are called to seek out. They continue to possess, more than ever, a dignity as children of God.”
Pope Francis, Address, 2016

2. Drugs which are offered as pleasure, are only poison that corrodes

“It should come as no surprise that so many people fall into drug addiction because worldliness offers us a wide range of opportunities to enjoy passing pleasures, which in the end are nothing but poisons that corrode, corrupt and kill. Step-by-step, a person begins to destroy himself and to destroy everything around him. The initial desire to flee, to seek out a moment of happiness, is transformed into the destruction of the entire person, with repercussions at every level of society.”
Pope Francis, Address, 2016

3. Addictions destroy

“Bombs destroy bodies. Addictions destroy the mind, soul and body too.”
Pope Francis, Address, 2017

4. Counsellors who are ex-drug addicts have a special role to help others

“Addiction counsellors: those who have overcome their own addiction are usually those who can best understand, help and challenge others.”
Pope Francis, Meditation in Spiritual Retreat, 2016 

5. Every drug addict is the flesh of Christ

“In this place where people struggle with drug addiction, I wish to embrace each and every one of you, who are the flesh of Christ, and to ask God to renew your journey, and also mine, with purpose and steadfast hope.”
Pope Francis, Address, 2013

Drugs addiction quotes

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