• September 10, 2021

Top Popes’ Truth Quotes

 Top Popes’ Truth Quotes


1. The first truth is that we will all die

“The first absolutely certain truth of our life, beyond the fact that we exist, is the inevitability of our death. Given this unsettling fact, the search for a full answer is inescapable. Each of us has both the desire and the duty to know the truth of our own destiny.”
Pope John Paul 2nd, Faith and Reason, 1998, 26

2. Truths are universal

“Every truth,if it really is truth,presents itself as universal, even if it is not the whole truth.”
 Pope John Paul 2nd, Faith and Reason, 1998,  27

3. Love and truth are inseparable

“Love and truth are inseparable. Without love, truth becomes cold, impersonal and oppressive for people’s day-to-day lives. The truth we seek, the truth that gives meaning to our journey through life, enlightens us whenever we are touched by love. One who loves realizes that love is an experience of truth, that it opens our eyes to see reality in a new way, in union with the beloved.”
Pope Francis, In the Light Of Faith, 2013, 27

4. Truth and peace are very much related

“Wherever and whenever men and women are enlightened by the splendour of truth, they naturally set out on the path of peace.”
Pope Benedict 16th, World Day of Peace 2006, 3

5.  Meeting Jesus is meeting the truth

“Jesus defined himself as the Truth in person, and, in addressing the seer of the Book of Revelation, he states his complete aversion to ”every one who loves and practices falsehood” (Rev 22:15). He has disclosed the full truth about humanity and about human history. The power of his grace makes it possible to live ”in” and ”by” truth, since he alone is completely true and faithful. Jesus is the truth which gives us peace.”
Pope Benedict 16th, World Day of Peace 2006, 6

6. The question of truth is also a question of memory

“The question of truth is really a question of memory, deep memory, for it deals with something prior to ourselves and can succeed in uniting us in a way that transcends our petty and limited individual consciousness. It is a question about the origin of all that is, in whose light we can glimpse the goal and thus the meaning of our common path.”
Pope Francis, In the Light Of Faith, 2013, 25

7. Truth goes beyond technology and scientific know-how

“In contemporary culture, we often tend to consider the only real truth to be that of technology: truth is what we succeed in building and measuring by our scientific know-how, truth is what works and what makes life easier and more comfortable. Nowadays this appears as the only truth that is certain, the only truth that can be shared, the only truth that can serve as a basis for discussion or for common undertakings. Yet at the other end of the scale we are willing to allow for subjective truths of the individual, which consist in fidelity to his or her deepest convictions, yet these are truths valid only for that individual and not capable of being proposed to others in an effort to serve the common good. But Truth itself, the truth which would comprehensively explain our life as individuals and in society, is regarded with suspicion. Surely this kind of truth , we hear it said , is what was claimed by the great totalitarian movements of the last century, a truth that imposed its own world view in order to crush the actual lives of individuals. In the end, what we are left with is relativism, in which the question of universal truth , and ultimately this means the question of God , is no longer relevant. ”
Pope Francis, In the Light Of Faith, 2013, 25

8. Some people run away from truth

“People can even run from the truth as soon as they glimpse it because they are afraid of its demands. Yet, for all that they may evade it, the truth still influences life. Life in fact can never be grounded upon doubt, uncertainty or deceit; such an existence would be threatened constantly by fear and anxiety. One may define the human being, therefore, as the one who seeks the truth.”
Pope John Paul 2nd, Faith and Reason, 1998, 28

9. Truth needs time

“truth is revealed in time.”
Pope Francis, In the Light Of Faith, 2013, 29

10. Truth is solid, you can lean on it

“Truth involves our whole life. Truth is something you can lean on, so as not to fall. In this relational sense, the only truly reliable and trustworthy One , the One on whom we can count , is the living God. Hence, Jesus can say: “I am the truth” (Jn 14:6). We discover and rediscover the truth when we experience it within ourselves in the loyalty and trustworthiness of the One who loves us. This alone can liberate us: “The truth will set you free” (Jn 8:32).”
Pope Francis, In the Light Of Faith, 2013, 3

11. Truth is not a thing but a relationship

(Pontus) “Pilate cannot understand that “the Truth is standing in front of him, he cannot see in Jesus the face of the truth that is the face of God. And yet Jesus is exactly this: the Truth that, in the fullness of time, “became flesh (cf. Jn 1:1, 14), and came to dwell among us so that we might know it. The truth is not grasped as a thing, the truth is encountered. It is not a possession, it is an encounter with a Person.”
Pope Francis, Audience, 15th May 2013

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