• September 10, 2021

Top Popes’ Holiness Quotes

 Top Popes’ Holiness Quotes


1. Do not be afraid of holiness

“Do not be afraid of holiness. It will take away none of your energy, vitality or joy. On the contrary, you will become what the Father had in mind when he created you, and you will be faithful to your deepest self.”
Pope Francis, Joy and Hope, 32, 2018

2. Holiness is for sinners

“Holiness does not consist in never having erred or sinned. Holiness increases the capacity for conversion, for repentance, for willingness to start again and, especially, for reconciliation and forgiveness.”
Pope Benedict 16th, Audience, 31st Jan 2007

3. Holiness is open for all

“The Church needs saints. All are called to holiness, and holy people alone can renew humanity.”
Pope John Paul 2nd, World Youth Day, 2004, 7

4. The holiness of youth can heal the wounds of the Church

“Through the holiness of the young, the Church can renew her spiritual ardour and her apostolic vigour. The balm of holiness generated by the good lives of so many young people can heal the wounds of the Church and of the world, bringing us back to that fullness of love to which we have always been called.”
Pope Francis, Christ Is Alive, 2019, 50

Holiness Quotes

5. Holiness is living with love

“To be holy does not require being a bishop, a priest or a religious. We are frequently tempted to think that holiness is only for those who can withdraw from ordinary affairs to spend much time in prayer. That is not the case. We are all called to be holy by living our lives with love and by bearing witness in everything we do, wherever we find ourselves.”
Pope Francis, Joy and Hope, 2018, 14.

Holiness Quotes - Pope Francis

6. Holiness brings out the very best in us

“The important thing is that each believer discern his or her own path, that they bring out the very best of themselves, the most personal gifts that God has placed in their hearts, rather than hopelessly trying to imitate something not meant for them.”
Pope Francis, Joy and Hope,  2018, 11

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