• September 10, 2021

Top Pope Francis’ Quotes to Youth

 Top Pope Francis’ Quotes to Youth


1. However Far You May Wonder, He Is Always There

“He is in you, he is with you and he never abandons you. However far you may wander, he is always there, the Risen One. He calls you and he waits for you to return to him and start over again. When you feel you are growing old out of sorrow, resentment or fear, doubt or failure, he will always be there to restore your strength and your hope.”
Pope Francis, Christ Is Alive, 2019

2. Get Out There – Youth Is For Taking Risks

“Youth is for taking risks, good risks, risks full of hope. It is meant to be staked on great things. Youth is meant to be given away, to help others to know the Lord. Don’t keep your youth to yourselves: get out there!”
Pope Francis, 37th National Convocation of the renewal in the Holy Spirit, 2014

3. Ask The Lord To Give You The Grace To Be Merciful

“I meet so many young people who say that they are tired of this world being so divided, with clashes between supporters of different factions and so many wars, in some of which religion is being used as justification for violence. We must ask the Lord to give us the grace to be merciful to those who do us wrong. Jesus on the cross prayed for those who had crucified him: “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do (Lk 23:34).” 
Pope Francis, World Youth Day, 2016

Photo: Dimitri Svetsikas

4. Youth, Be United With Jesus

“I encourage you always to be “living stones in the Church, to build up the Church, by being united to Jesus. Catholic Action without Jesus is pointless, it becomes an NGO, and there are many of these, it doesn’t work.
Pope Francis, Young People of the Italian Catholic Action, 2013

5. “Healthy enthusiasm is something of God”

“Enthusiasm is contagious. But do you know where this word comes from: enthusiasm? It comes from Greek and it means “to have something of God inside or “to be inside God. Enthusiasm, when it is healthy, demonstrates this: that one has something of God inside and expresses him joyously. Be open, with this enthusiasm, to hope and to yearn for fullness, yearn to give meaning to your future, to your whole life, to imagine the appropriate journey for each of you and to choose the path that brings you peace and human fulfillment. Appropriate journey, choose the path… what does this mean? Do not stand still, a young person cannot stand still! , and journey. This means go toward something; because a person can move and not be one who journeys, but a “wanderer, who roams, roams, roams through life… But life is not made for “roaming through, it is made to “journey through, and this is your challenge!
Pope Francis, Address, July 2014

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Make Decisions

“In many regions there is a widespread culture of the provisional which favours an indefinite prolongation of adolescence and postponement of decisions; fear of the definitive thus generates a kind of paralysis of decision-making. Yet youth cannot remain on hold. It is the age of choices and herein lies its fascination and its greatest responsibility. Young people take decisions in professional, social and political fields and in other more radical ways that determine the shape of their lives. It is because of choices of this kind that one can speak more precisely of “life choices: a young person’s life, in its unrepeatable uniqueness, is given a definitive orientation.”
Synod Of Bishops, Young People, Faith And Discernment, 2018


Pope Francis youth quotes

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