• September 10, 2021

Top Pope Francis’ Quotes on Evangelisation

 Top Pope Francis’ Quotes on Evangelisation


1. Evangelisation and human development are deeply related 

“There is an intimate link between evangelisation and human development, which must be expressed and developed in all evangelising work.
Pope Francis to the Bishops of Cameroon, 2014

2. Evangelisation does not mean increasing the number of Catholics

 “The term evangelisation, in official church documents, cannot be understood in the same way as it is commonly interpreted in everyday speech. In strictly theological terminology, evangelisation is a very complex and overall term, and reality. It implies presence and witness, prayer and liturgy, proclamation and catechesis, dialogue and social work. Now, presence and witness, prayer and liturgy, dialogue and social work, which are all part of evangelisation, do not have the goal of increasing the number of Catholics. Thus evangelisation, if understood in its proper and theological meaning, does not imply any attempt of proselytism whatsoever.
Cardinal Walter Kasper, The Jewish-Christian Dialogue, 2001

3. Unity among priests is a form of evangelisation

“The mission of ordained ministers is evangelisation… the first form of evangelisation is the witness of fraternity and of communion between priests and bishop be aware that it is lives that evangelise rather than works .
Pope Francis to the clergy, 2014


Quotes on evangelisation


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