• September 10, 2021

Top Pope Benedict 16th’s Sunday Spiritual Quotes

 Top Pope Benedict 16th’s Sunday Spiritual Quotes


1. Our soul needs Sunday

“Give the soul its Sunday, give Sunday its soul.”
Pope Benedict quoting Cardinal Faulhaber, Homily, 9th Sept 2007

2. A week-end without God is empty

“It is good that today, in many cultures, Sunday is a free day, and is often combined with Saturday so as to constitute a “week-end” of free time. Yet this free time is empty if God is not present.”
Pope Benedict, Homily, World Youth Day 2005

3. Both the start of creation and the start of redemption took place on Sunday

“On Easter morning, first the women and then the disciples had the grace of seeing the Lord. From that moment on, they knew that the first day of the week, Sunday, would be his day, the day of Christ the Lord. The day when creation began became the day when creation was renewed. Creation and redemption belong together. That is why Sunday is so important.”
Pope Benedict, Homily, World Youth Day 2005

4. Leisure time without an inner focus becomes wasted time

Sunday has been transformed in our Western societies into the week-end, into leisure time. Leisure time is something good and necessary, especially amid the mad rush of the modern world; each of us knows this. Yet if leisure time lacks an inner focus, an overall sense of direction, then ultimately it becomes wasted time that neither strengthens nor builds us up. Leisure time requires a focus , the encounter with him who is our origin and goal.
Pope Benedict, Homily, 9th Sept 2007

5. Finding time for mass might feel inconvenient but it is worth the effort

“Dear friends! Sometimes, our initial impression is that having to include time for Mass on a Sunday is rather inconvenient. But if you make the effort, you will realize that this is what gives a proper focus to your free time.”
Pope Benedict, Homily, World Youth Day 2005

6. Help others discover Sunday

“Do not be deterred from taking part in Sunday Mass, and help others to discover it too. This is because the Eucharist releases the joy that we need so much, and we must learn to grasp it ever more deeply, we must learn to love it.”
Pope Benedict, Homily, World Youth Day 2005

Sunday spiritual quotes

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