• October 9, 2021

The Prodigal Son Father’s Point of View

 The Prodigal Son Father’s Point of View

In this imaginary monologue, Sarah DeGaetano reflects on the prodigal son father’s point of view based on the biblical parable of the prodigal son. She describes this father’s thoughts, prayers and questions he might have asked outlining this father’s great unconditional love, concern and mercy; his constant waiting and hope; and finally his great joy upon the eventual return of his son.

“Every day I sit on this hill and look and hope. I see the colours of the fields in front of me changing day by day, season by season. My son, I have always loved you so much. Why did you do this to me? Was it something I said? Did you not see that all I say is out of love? I wonder what you are doing today. I hope that you are safe and well. I have heard some rumours about you; could they be true? I have always tried to teach you to be wise and good, to choose right from wrong. Do you not remember?

That boy: so adventurous, so humorous and full of life. He always noticed when I was sad or worried. He would come up with something to ease my pain, to make me laugh or put a smile on my face. He is so different from his brother. His brother is always so obedient, so faithful and hardworking. On him I can always rely. My sons, I love them both so much.

Dear God, please protect my lost son, take care of him. Tap into his mind. Let him know that, no matter what, I will always love him.

Every day I think of you, I come here and wait. Wait and hope; hope that I might get a glimpse of you. My wish is that I get to see you, at least for a moment, before I die. Oh son of mine, will you ever return?

Wait…Could that be… No….Is it a mirage? I yearn too much. I am seeing things. But it is just like him. That untidy hair, that skip in his pace I knew so well.

Yes, yes, I see him, it is him. My son! My son!

Get up and run. Run fast my legs, you are too slow. Run faster.

Oh, He has returned! He has been found. Oh thank you God. What great joy! I have longed for this day to embrace him, to wrap my arms around him. I cannot let go. I do not want to let go. I love him so.”

The Father Of The Prodigal Son

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Sarah De Gaetano

Sarah DeGaetano is a mother of two boys and a member of the Christian Life Community in Malta. Sarah likes running and singing.

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