• September 10, 2021

Between a Gay Catholic and God

 Between a Gay Catholic and God

The conversation below is written by a gay Catholic expressing one’s feelings in the form of a dialogue with God based on the author’s real life experience. Sadly enough this person wished to remain anonymous to avoid dealing with people’s judgments. We are publishing the conversation below also to possibly serve as an invitation for others who are not in LGBTIQ circles to understand more what a person can go through when s/he starts  experiencing these feelings.  

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LGBT Religious views

LGBT Religious views

LGBT Catholic

LGBT Catholic

LGBT Catholic

LGBT Catholic

LGBT Catholic

LGBT Catholic

Gay Catholic: Ugh this is so weird and comfortable. I have these strange feelings which I should not be having and yet I am having them. Why is this happening to me? And what exactly is this anyway? God please I need help I am so confused!

God: Why don’t you start by expressing what you’re feeling? I’m here to listen and help you.

Gay Catholic: Ok so… Technically this shouldn’t happen. But I’m doubting my sexuality. I mean… I think I might be gay?

God: Child, it’s perfectly normal to have these feelings. Everyone doubts who they are until they fully found themselves.

Gay Catholic: Yes… but what if I am really gay… It means I cannot keep believing in a God who doesn’t like me for who I am no? Since you only like straight people. It means I would only have to abandon this religion. Because it wouldn’t accept me.

God: No, no, no. I would never disown you. Don’t you know I love all of my children irrelevant of their differences? And you are one of my children, so I also love you and will keep loving you.

Gay Catholic: Excuse me but do you even know what you’re saying? Are you the same God who people here refer to as being against gay people and stuff?? It’s like you’re not even the same God…

God: Child, I know you’re really confused right now but as I said, I love you no matter what and I will be there for you. Gay or straight or bi or whatever. You need this time to figure out who you truly are, then once you accept yourself you will be able to unleash your full potential and be the best version of yourself.

Gay Catholic: Wow. That made me even more confused actually. But in a good way. Wasn’t expecting you to be so happy and inclusive about all this. Especially considering how people with the Church always lecture about homosexuals going to hell and stuff.

God: Unfortunately some people got it all wrong. You see, everything that is created in the world has a purpose, and even in your case gay people were created that way for a purpose! They have a lot to offer to the world and they are capable of doing amazing things. But unfortunately some people only look at labels and forget the rest.

Gay Catholic: So you’re saying that even I have a lot to offer to the world? They don’t even know that I’m gay but at this point I’m never going to have the courage to tell them. To be honest they might be right… why am I not straight just like everyone else??? Would’ve made my life so much easier. Hello?? Why have you left me alone??

God: Why are you doubting my love for you when I told you I love you the way you are?

Gay Catholic: But apparently I was born disgusting. It really hurts to hear these kind of words from the people who are supposed to love you the most in the world.

God: You are not disgusting. True love isn’t disgusting, and true love can take several forms. Please ignore people who try to hurt you for who you are or those who hurt you without knowing it. They do not know the harm they bring with their words and actions, but you should pray for them in order that they realise that everyone is equal and important in my eyes.

Gay Catholic: I wonder how many people will actually realise that…

God: Don’t be discouraged. Have you forgotten that you thought being gay wasn’t valid… until you realised you were gay yourself?

Gay Catholic: …yes that’s true…I had no idea about all this until it became my reality.

God: Exactly. So don’t worry. You should just be yourself and live your life.

Gay Catholic: You always make me feel better. I’m glad we have a close relationship, I don’t know how I would’ve survived this otherwise… I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and for making me who I am today!
God: You know I’m always here for you!

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