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Top Pope Francis' Quotes About Marriage

TOP POPE FRANCIS’ QUOTES ABOUT MARRIAGE 1.Marriage Is A Mix Of Enjoyment And Struggles “Marriage is an inevitable mixture of enjoyment and struggles, tensions and repose, pain and relief, satisfactions and longings, annoyances and pleasures, but always on the path of friendship, which inspires married couples to care for one another: “they help and serve each other […]Read More

How Important Is The Male-Female Dimension In Marriage?

Question received: Quite often we hear about the importance of loving one another and being loyal to one’s partner in marriage, but less often about the complementarity of the sexual difference which Catholic marriage is based upon. With the introduction of gay marriage in my country I wondered how important is this aspect in marriage and why? […]Read More

Can One Live Happily In A Relationship After An Infidelity?

Fr. Paul Chetcuti SJ replies… love and pain can live together. I’ve met a woman whose husband had an affair with another woman. She has two children. She forgave him. Her capacity to say my husband’s betrayal won’t cancel my love for him, we call that forgiveness. Living with that suffering, the betrayal, means, that you will […]Read More

Marriage In Today’s Society

Marriage in the twenty first century carries a more complex meaning and requires more sustained effort than the economic or social pairings of the past two decades. In past generations, the learning process used to begin at the knees of the father and mother, with their example, but the same cannot be said today with […]Read More

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