• January 18, 2021

Social Justice Inspirational Quotes

 Social Justice Inspirational Quotes


St Vincent De PauleSocial Justice Quote 1 – St Vincent De Paul

“I shouldn’t judge poor peasants, men or women, by their surface appearance, nor by their apparent mental capacities. And this is hard to do, since very frequently they scarcely seem to have the semblance or the intelligence of reasonable beings, so gross and so offensive are they. But, turn the coin, and you will see by the light of faith that the Son of God, whose will it was to be poor, is represented to us by just these people.”
St Vincent De Paul

Albert Debono, owner of SayIt MaltaSocial Justice Quote 2 – Albert Debono

“The road towards social justice is made up of very small choices which we do in our daily life. It does not exclude the big deeds but in reality the small choices on a daily basis can change the world.
Albert Debono


Fr Binoy Puthusery CMSocial Justice Quote 3 – Fr Binoy Puthusery CM

The poor have much to teach us. This may be one the reasons why Vincent told us that “the poor are our masters. Like the poor widow of the Gospel, their faith is great. Their patience and endurance amidst suffering make them more like Christ. Their love is true and the joy is real. We can never become true evangelisers of the poor, unless we are not evangelised by them first.
Fr. Binoy Puthusery CM

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