• September 12, 2021

Fr Matthew Pulis


Fr Matthew Pulis has a BSc. Business & Computing. He has also obtained a Master's degree specialising in Geographic Information Systems and another Master's degree in Digital Theology. Fr Matthew has extensive experience in web environments.

“Born to Play” – Gaming and Religion

This article is about gaming and religion. It explains how different generations look at gaming and proposes gaming as a Catechetical language. Cultural theorist Johan Huizinga argues that, as Homo ludens, we are born to play. During gameplay, gamers are invited to embrace the game’s world once they have crossed the membrane of the videogame. […]Read More

What Is Artificial Intelligence? – Myths, Robots, Ethics

What is artificial intelligence? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broad concept which is becoming harder to define. As AI researcher Nick Bostrom explains, the more AI is being incorporated into our daily lives, such as in the algorithms which reshuffle our social media walls and in the technology of general home appliances, the less we […]Read More