• June 30, 2020

Catholic Bioethics Topics

 Catholic Bioethics Topics

Bio means life and ethics is concerned with values, what is right and wrong. Bioethics asks what is technologically possible, is it ethically permissible?

 Catholic Bioethics topics include the value and significance of human life, the transmission of human life through new reproductive technologies, prenatal diagnosis and the right to life, sterilisation, abortion, the preservation and prolongation of human life, dilemmas in neonatal intensive care unit, issues in organ transplantation, research and human experimentation on human beings, genetic engineering, public health and concepts of health and disease. There are various types of ethical approaches in the subject of Bioethics. The role of Catholic theology to Bioethics according to the Pope’s letter The Gospel Of Life (1995) is to create a culture of life and overcome the culture of death.

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